The World Peace Flame pathway

World Peace Flame Pathway

In 2004 every country and region of the world united to build the World Peace Flame pathway and create a single declaration of peace - the first time in history that this has occurred.
The magnificent World Peace Flame Pathway was built around the Flame's monument in The Hague, Netherlands.
In a moving display of cooperation and solidarity, embassies and foreign ministries from every country* and region of the world contributed stones indigenous and of significance to their nations. The stones represent their nation’s yearning for, and commitment to, peace. The resulting path includes contributions of 197 countries and regions, which could be said to represent the whole of humanity.
The Ambassadors Statement for Peace
Ambassadors and Foreign Ministers from every country of the world endorsed a joint Statement for Peace, committing themselves to uphold humanity’s future generations.
This is the first time in history that every country* in the world has come together to make a statement for peace.
Read the Ambassador’s Statement for Peace
* every independent country of the world, as recognized by the United Nations in 2004

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