Studying by solar lamp in Malawi

Solar lamps in Africa

Give a child a chance Giving solar lamps to children and households in Kenya and Uganda.

...It’s Jemima’s chance for a brighter future

Jemima is just one of 600 million people living without electricity in Africa. Now, with a solar light, she can study at night and make the most of her education. Not only that, her family is saving precious income previously spent on keresone, avoiding its toxic fumes and reducing the risk of fire and burns.
Jemina’s mother spends the money saved on better food, school fees and investing in cattle for the family farm.

“Kerosene was expensive for me so I did not allow her to study at night... now she is free to study any time.“ 
Jemima’s mother, Honoratha, 
Elipidi, Tanzania

Kerosene lanterns are a common off-grid light source, yet an evening of breathing in a kerosene lamp’s emissions is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes. Their open flames also carry the risk of burns and house fires. Additionally, kerosene is expensive, with off-grid households spending an average of 10-25% of their monthly budget on the fuel.


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