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Anti-bullying and the Education Package

Sunday, 20 July, 2014

On the 30th June 2014 we were invited to take part in an Education Conference in Manchester where over 100 teachers gathered to explore current and new resources available for supporting R.E in schools. We gave a presentation on the World Peace flame Education package—Peace in your Hands. It was a great opportunity to meet with many teachers from different schools all gatjered in one place!

I was joined by Debs Fawcett who works in Education. Together we demonstrated how this Pack can support an aspect that  is so vital in today's schools - THE ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN. My excitment at this possibility is great. Imagine having a tool kit that can support teachers in this way and provide further ideas to help these programmes.

We showed how the programme can be used as part of PSHEE, as well as the R.E. curriculum.  It can also be a creative part of history, art, geography too. The possibilities are endless! We also provided Assembly formats.

The Education pack itself is designed for key stage 1 and 2 (ages 8-12 years). It includes discussion as well as lots of practical participatory lesson plans for a class setting. These range from peace techniques, to creating a peaceful atmosphere in the classroom itself, to reaching out to forging links with other schools and the local community.

Attending a conference in this way and offerring a workshop was a great way to introduce the Education pack to a wide audience. If you are running an Education conference and would like to hear about the World Peace Flame Education Pack, please do get in touch.

Annie Jones and Debs Fawcett


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