Medical Camps in Gujerat, India

  • The free Medical Camps and Free Eye clinics are achieving phenomenal outcomes—with increasing impact on the local communities in India. 
  • Since the work of the Foundation, an extraordinary number of 25,000 people have recieved medical support.
  • The work began in 2007. Since then we have successfully completed over 64 camps.
  • Over 2,056 free cataract operations have been performed.
  • £20 will sponsor a cataract operation per person—giving sight back to those in need. In addition, free glasses are also provided. 

Other statistics:

  • We've treated over 27,000 patients.
  • Distributed over 6,133 pairs of free prescription spectacles.
  • 8,118 children were provided with free education kits so they could attend school (1,618in 2015 and 2,000 students so far in 2016.)
  • About 42 students and including nurses are adopted for their education fees for year 2016
  • Every year about 3,600 peoples benefited from the food distribution project
  • Every year about 2,000 peoples benefited from the clothing distribution project
  • Provided assistance for students with education and nursing training.
  • Distributed fresh food to underprivileged patients twice a month.
  • Provided treatment for underprivileged patients at charity rates in the Dispensary of Dr. Kanubhai Patel.
  • Provided X-ray, Sonography & Medical Laboratory Tests to economically challenged people at 50% concessional rates.

Thakor Patel and his team would like to thank everyone for their on-going support. also our thanks to the many doctors, GP's and nurses twho give up their time to support this work in India

Doctors, dentists and nurses give up their free time to support the clinic. One of our team in India explained, “I went to visit one doctor who will now come twice a month to see patients, if we provide transport. We are trying to get another doctor so that we can have one visit per week.”

Malnutrition is common in this area, so each villager who attends the medical camp is given a food parcel and nutritional supplements such as iron, vitamin C and multivitamins.

Ravjibhai, a 65 year old local farmer, came to the clinic with breathing difficulties and suspected cataracts. He said that he had always had faith that God would help him to find treatment, ‘This medical camp is the answer to my prayer.’

Congenital defects, routinely corrected in the West, are common. 12 year old Vijay has had a cleft palate from birth and cannot speak properly. The World Peace Flame financed his orthodontic treatment and the operation to correct his hare-lip. Other children and old people are receiving free operations for eye defects, cataracts and orthopaedic treatment.

Shantiben doesn't know exactly how old she is. She lives alone in Moldhara village with no close family to take her to hospital for her cataracts and crippling osteoporosis. The World Peace Flame staff organised transport for her to visit the doctor and receive treatment.

Our aim is to support people and the environment and these humanitarian projects are an essential part of our vision. We believe we can change the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves. In this way we hope to build a better world for all mankind.

The World Peace Flame is dedicated to achieving peace through a process of education and the practical support of grassroots peace initiatives. We aim to inspire people everywhere that the individual plays a crucial role in creating peace, at every level.

Chantal Elson for example, collected money for 162 cataract operations by climbing to the top of 250 mountains in Scotland which is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest seven times, a distance of 700 miles.

Look for Chantal’s Munro Challenge for the World Peace Flame on the right side of this page. 

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