World Peace Flame candles

How to get involved

Education Pack: Peace in your hands

  • Many schools throughout Europe are already successfully integrating this package into their schools curriculum. 
  • The package includes 2 booklets, one manual for the teacher and a workbook that is given to each child involved.
  • These can be used in their own right as they are or dipped into to fit into your class plans. They can be included into PSHEE and or the R.E Curriculum as well as other aspects from history, geography and art
  • The World Peace flame can be included as part of an Assembly and adapted to key stage 1 and 2.
  • It helps Promote kindness, mindfulness and compassion as part of  an aniit-bullying campaign
  • Create a peaceful; atmosphere in the classroom to ais a learning environment.
  • It provides a great way to also link to other schools and within the local community.
Including the Education pack into schools is a fundamental way of helping build a future that is based on one united global family working together to enjoy our differences.

We have included some simple and profound meditations for you to enjoy. They are designed to be used by anyone of any nationality or religion. Like the flame, they are a gift to the world to help create a better place.

Peace practices

Peace meditation: De-stess, mind and emotions, Let go or worry, anxieties and fears. This is a universal way to create inner peace. When we are at peace, then there is a greater chance that the world around us can become more peaceful. In this way our home and working environment can become more calm and peaceful, our relationships with family friends improves and becomes more harmonious.
Healing meditation: This quiet reflection is especially designed to help you let go of hurt, trauma, unwanted emotions and events that have caused your pain and suffering. By taking time to be peaceful in his specific way, you can change the way you feel and think about yourself and what is happening about you. become the master of your destiny. 

Distribute candles

This is your chance to spread a little light! simply light some tee lights from your world peace flame and give them out! It doesn't get easier!! This is a great gift to give to friends and family,a super gift on special occasions such as birthday, anniversaries, graduation, Christmas, Hanuka, and many more. 
Join millions of people around the globe lighting the World Peace Flame, in their homes, work place, places of prayer, places of conflict. Together we make a difference to our world as a matrix of light links us all and reminds us that we are  one global family.

Gathering people together

Why not gather people together to share, talk and experience peace?
In your home: In the comfort of your own home, invite a few friends and talk about what peace means to you. Light a World Peace Flame and sit quietly for a few moments together and share some of the peace practices included here, or you may have some of your own. Read something that inspires you, sing, reflect on the many good things that are unfolding, your own dreams and aspirations. 
Workshops: Set up an event and gather people together to talk about peace and share about the people who inspire you, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Aug San Suu Kyi (from the Peace Education Pack: peace in your hands). share some of the peace practices from the World peace Flame web site. Light a World Peace Flame and reflect on a peaceful world. You may want to offer this as a FREE event for peace or as a fundraising event for the World Peace Flame. You may want to invite a representative from the World Peace Foundation to come and give a presentation for you in your area.


Thank you for helping us create a better and more peaceful world. By donating to the World Peace Flame Foundation UK you are helping us to spread peace, health and well being in so many ways. With your support we are giving back sight to 100's of people in the rural areas of India (, we are able to provide Peace Education packs to schools and youth groups around the globe and bring the principles and practices of kindness and compassion, anti-bullying and working together for a better, united world  into people lives at a young age. We can give out candles in abundance and create a huge network of light around the globe. We can share and bring people together from all the nations of the world and find what makes us the same, our humanness, and our ability to love. We can help protect our environment, the trees and the animals by encouraging tree planting and harmonious living with the world we live in.

Thank you helping us to achieve and make this dream a living reality today.


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